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How to create compelling content without losing your mind – Infographic

Do you want to know the secret, how other successful marketers are creating appealing materials and buzzing all around the web? The answer will probably be: Yes.

Start doing research on your niche; maintain relevancy and pick the right tone for your audiences, but it is not the only purpose. You need to fix the goal and create actionable content. There should be a link in every step of achieving the goal of creating compelling content.

This infographic explains what you need to know for creating great content.

Here is an overview for creating content, which impacts visitor’s engagement.

  • Content type: blogs, videos, podcasts, infographic, web contents, etc
  • Research: latest data, accuracy and source
  • Headline types: How to, guide, process, # tips
  • Subtitles, images, quotes, typo-error free
  • Goals: Sales, email list building, ebook download, branding


Protecting Your Images From Thieves

Can you imagine the internet without pictures? What would happen if all photographers and artists stop creating their images and artwork because of image theft? Undoubtedly, the internet will become way too annoying. Simply it is going to be a disaster. However, this is not going to happen.

We often release free graphics and icons for our users. We are glad that people enjoy and use our artwork. We receive emails appreciating us for letting people use our artwork for free.

securing-your-website-is-key-to-online-successAs we know that both good and evil dominate this world, the internet is also no exception. Recently, we came across a conversation where a person claims one of our modern artwork as his own. However, there are good people out there as well. We are grateful and thankful to that person who has raised his/her voice against this false claim. The conversation took place here.

This person tried to submit our artwork as his own to other popular websites but, fortunately, website administrators have removed this artwork from his profile page. The person even receives a ban from a very popular site.

If you are a photographer or artist, you have the right to protect your artwork. Thieves would always try to take credit for your work. Do not let it happen. Protect your creativity and artwork by any means necessary.

Here are six ways you can protect your images:

  • Disable right click
  • Slice Images
  • Uploading Small Images
  • Find copied images
  • Use CSS
  • Watermark

If you image got stolen, here are next steps:

  • Contact Website Owner
  • Contact Web hosting  company
  • Notify affiliates
  • Take Legal Action

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