Why Your Business Needs to Utilize G Suite

G Suite Business is exactly what it sounds like –an array of tools specifically designed for the business environment. Equipping you with unlimited file storage, unlimited email capabilities, and other essential features there are few reasons for which you shouldn’t consider using your hard-earned cash for upgrading to Google Suite.

Formerly known as Google Apps For your Domain or Google Apps for Work, G Suite has been created as a cloud of computational tools which are meant to make collaboration easier –all while improving productivity levels. Launched donkey's years ago in 2006, G Suite incorporates software tools developed by Google, including Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, and Google+. Additionally, you will also benefit from Google Drive for storage, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Sites for collaboration. It doesn’t end there, however, as depending on the chosen plan, you could be offered an intuitive admin panel on which you can seamlessly manage users and the services you will be provided them.

Bearing all this in mind and more, the answer to the question of “why your business needs Google Suite” is going to be answered in full during this article –and yes, the bottom line is that it will make your life a lot easier.

Unlimited Storage

Do you remember those days when you had to worry about quotas? Well, forget about them, as you can now save all your information in box accounts, file servers, or even decentralized cloud storage. Not only will you save time but also money –simply use the search button and don’t worry about having to purge your email box to get it under the needed quota.


Another problem often encountered by entrepreneurs is having to use a million different logins. By contrast, Google Suite ensures that you will have a single login to the entire apps suite, meaning that users you are collaborating with will be automatically allowed to share information and data. In other words, Google Suite offers convenience at its best, being ideal for collaboration on digital files in real time by both colleagues and clients -or even your customers.

Another excellent advantage regards email organization. Once upon a time, you used to clog up your hard drive with gigabytes of emails; however, you can now easily archive messages in the cloud, not needing to worry about syncing them to another device.

Archiving and eDiscovery

Tools that help store data are a de facto requirement for many different industries, ultimately offering peace of mind concerning the safety and security of client and customer information. Therefore, apps such as eDiscovery are imperative for the adequate functioning of businesses. Luckily, Google Suite Business does include this tool, which is part of the Google Vault.

Why is this important for your business? Well, because your company won’t need to invest thousands of dollars in using a third party that has access to products and services which support these features. In fact, you might even save soft dollars by not needing to deal with the legal side of things (i.e., labor and legal expertise) otherwise need during the recruitment process.

Product Roadmap and Futures

While things are already starting to look up, it appears that Google is prepared to invest even more of their money in product development and making sure that G Suite is the best version it can be.

There are many reasons for which experts can predict the usability and value of Google Suite, especially considering that information is stored in a cloud –making it easy to understand the methodology and predict cost structure. In fact, the ability to use such tools for your data storage needs yet at a low price point is an incredible benefit –particularly considering the minimal performance but high performance it offers.

Security and privacy

When talking about privacy and security, Google states that they do not collect, scan or use your G Suite data for advertising purposes, nor do they display ads in G Suite, Education, or Government core services. Moreover, whether it concerns corporate intellectual property, personal information or a homework assignment, Google maintains that they do not own the data nor sell it to interested third parties.

This is a crucial benefit for businesses worldwide, and although the information is stored in Google's data centers, there are apparently more than 550 full-time privacy and security professionals handling the safety of your data.

Additionally, Google also claims that another essential benefit offered by their service is the “disaster recovery”. This process includes recovering data and information that has been replicated in at least two data centers at once. In other words, should one of the centers fail due to an error or security breach, Google Suite is able to transfer the data from the second hub nearly instantly –sometimes so fast that you won’t even notice a problem or error. Of course, no method is impenetrable, and Google is the first to admit it –while there is no guarantee that 100% of your intellectual or corporate property is safe, the company has invested both time and money in creating a secure environment for all its customers.


Many entrepreneurs are already aware that Google is a market leader in Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS) reliability, price, performance and most importantly, resiliency. Bearing this in mind there is no surprise that millions of organizations are already entrusting Google with the tools needed to conduct their business, day in and day out. Featuring the ability to manage security threats and breaches, offering simplicity and archiving capabilities there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Google Suite.

Should you be looking for a tool capable of saving you both soft and hard dollars, we suggest taking a look at all the features that make the service as good as advertised. We can guarantee that when put together, the cost of upgrading will seem minimal in comparison to the generous amount you would have to invest in similar products and services.